Nothing Beats The Smell Of A "REAL" Christmas Tree !


OUR TREES:  Our Pines grow FAST, but our Fir and Spruce trees grow ever so slowly - perhaps 9 years to reach the 6 - 8 foot size, so we get large Firs and Spruce from our friend and fellow grower near Mountain City, TN.

Fraser Fir:  The BEST Tree ! With strong limbs, a natural dark green color, strong evergreen aroma, and minimal needle drop, the Fraser Fir is one of the most popular and most beautiful of Christmas trees. We were often told that we could not grow Fraser Firs at our farm - due to our rather low 1850 foot altitude. While we do not have perfect growing conditions for the Fraser, we have some almost perfect Frasers (ONLY GOD can make a perfect tree).

Canaan Fir:  A sometimes referred to 'double first cousin' to the Fraser, the Canaan Fir has short blue-green needles, a fragrant aroma, and excellent needle retention. The Canaan Fir has an excellent shape, strong branches, and decorates easily. Truly a matter of personal preference between the Fraser and Canaan Fir varieties.

We also grow Concolor and Serbian Spruce.

Leyland Cypress:  With a light and featherlike appearance and low aroma, the Leyland Cypress is often a preferred choice with folks who have significant allergy issues. It is also the preferred Christmas tree of the deep south, as it holds up extremely well, IF kept properly watered. ALWAYS WITH WATER is especially critical for this species.

White Pine:  A very popular tree in Tennessee, theis variety sports stout limbs, bhuish-green soft needles, about 3-4 inches long. A very full shaped tree which stays fresh for a long period, with EXCELLENT needle retention.

Blue Spruce:  Blue Spruce have bluish-gray foliage. They have 1 - 1 1/2 inch needles and a very sharp point on the end. For this reason, they may not b e the best choice for families with small children. The Blue Spruce is one of the best spruces for needle retention. We also grow Norway and White Spruce. They have needles that have a sharp point on the end, and they do not hold needles as long as other varieties.

OUR WEEDS:  We grow 'World Champion' weeds, and you may find some that we did not "Harvest". Please excuse our neglect.


IS IT OK TO CUT A REAL TREE?  Bobby & Beth Westbrook fondly remember many Christmases of their past when a real tree was a happy part of their family Christmas observances. It is that family experience that they are trying to continue. THERE IS NO SHORTAGE OF REAL CHRISTMAS TREES! When you cut a real Christmas tree, anotherone or more will be planted in its place. If families did not use cut trees, then none of our trees (our agricultural crop) would have been planted, and none of them would be here.

Recycling:  When your Christmas celebration is over, you can take your real tree to a recycling facility where it will be put to good use. If you do not have one nearby, you may bring it back to us, and we will recycle it for you.

Fake or Real?  Plastic trees are petroleum based and some often contain a lead component; they remain in landfills for many years, and if burned give off poisonous smoke, harmful to your health (and mine). Real trees, on the other hand, decompose naturally, generate oxygen, and can provide habitats for birds and small animals following their in-home use. The remaining tree can be recycled into mulch, placed in a pond/lake for fish habitat safety, or taken to your local landfill, where they decompose at a fast rate.

You Choose - We prefer the Natural and Harmless Choice.







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